Friday, February 18, 2011

Dig deeper

You always have more to give. Dig deeper. These two statements are the theme of my recent workouts and it feeds into writing as well.
When writing it is not about going for the easy option or looking for the obvious solution. Sometimes it is but more often it is about digging deeper and going for the hidden motivation. Why else? What if? Why?
Yes, it is not easy. It isn't suppose to be. It is about creating something powerful.
When going deeper, look at the connections. How does one fear play out in their lives? Something major touches every part and influences habits and behaviours. Little details do count.
How can you give your characters' depth? How do the truamas influence them? How can you give an implied past and make everything that much bigger?
When you are writing, you can always go deeper. It is about squeezing that last drop of emotion out. And it does burn. And it is not easy but it is worthwhile.

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Judy Jarvie said...

Great post, Michelle!
You are absolutely right - I guess that's why sometimes as a reader the obvious twist turns us off, disappoints. Yet the unexpectedly touching one, the one that takes us a place emotional resonance turns into a keeper.