Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 days of The Shred completed

I have reached the end of my 30 Shred and so what happened?

* I went down a dress size and my stomach is flatter than it has been in YEARS!!!!!
* My energy levels have increased
* I love the buzz I get from completing the workout and find I actually crave it.
* I did not lose 20 lbs (about 3 lbs instead) BUT it didn't matter because it is all about how clothes fit and I went down a dress size.  Note: I had been on a diet before starting the shred and had lost about 20 lbs with that so this might have contributed
* I gained enough confidence to go jeans shopping and ended up buying a pait of skinny jeans and jeggings in my new size ( UK 14/ US 12). They fit and my bum doesn't look big. I wore the jeggings in public yesterday.
* I read Jillian Michaels Winning by Losing which details her thoughts on self and science. The dvd gave me the sweat part! I have stopped mindlessly grazing and have started scheduling my snacks and making sure that I eat protein with every meal. I also have stopped going more that 4 hours between eating. This should help with the weight loss going forward.
* Personal triumphs for me were being able to do full travelling push ups, jumping lunges and rock star jumps. It was not easy! At times I felt like I was gargling my heart and wanted to die but seeing my fitness improve daily was fantastic.

At the weekend, I caught Losing It with Jillian on the Style Network. I now understand why she is the toughest trainer. And she is hugely motivational. As I watched the people struggle with the exercises -- I thought ah yes, I know how hard it is. I suspect that I shall continue to watch it as it is inspiring to see the transformation. Because she does work on self, it is also interesting to hear about other people's demons. (I am a writer after all!)

Where to next?

I bought Jillian Michael's  6 week Six Pack abs dvd for my birthday. Some of the reviews on Amazon said that they were pleased that they had done the 30 Day Shred first as it follows the same format BUT has more circuits.  I like her *bootcamp* style (can't do dance moves me), her acknowledgement that yes it is tough, and her intense focus. I want to keep it up. There is more of me to lose. Plus given that my job is hands on keyboard, bottom in chair, I need something that makes me SWEAT
This is not a quick fix operation and I like the challenge, plus I like the mental sharpness. The fact that I can do the dvds in my house, with hand weights and a mat and don't have to think about driving to the gym is a bonus. Although I do have a rowing machine, I like doing things upstairs rather than in the basement.  Plus I like the motivation that  Jillian uses. Unerringly, she seems to say something that makes me continue and push myself. So I shall be making the time to do it daily. (There are 2 other Jillian dvds which I can get...)

As I know some people who read this blog  (Kate H, Maisey Y, Biddy, Michelle W to out a few) have been inspired to start  their own 30 shred, can I say -- stick with it. It is not easy but it is worth it. You will find your clothes start to fit better. If I can do it, so can you. You can make 20 minutes in your day for you. It is ALL about you, baby, and your journey.
Let me know how you are doing so that I can cheer you on. And don't forget to go to jeans shopping when you reach the end!


Rula Sinara said...

Yay, Michelle! Congratulations on completing the 30 days! Here's to losing it forward :).

Donna Alward said...

Yay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugely proud!

When you find a program that you love it is so worth it. As you know I love Tony Horton...I did an alternate cardio dvd last night b/c the dh (my workout partner) is still sick and I realized the "express" part does NOT refer to a shorter workout but the amount of time it takes for you to keel over. But what I love about him is that I'm about to die and he'll make me laugh.

Here's to another six weeks of success!

Kate Hardy said...

Well done! And you have indeed inspired me to start Shred. Day 2, and I'm enjoying it - she has lots of heart, and she's very motivational.

LP King said...

Way to go, Michelle! It's great that you found a method which will motivate you to keep at it, going forward. There has to be a live person facing me, whip in hand.

Just kidding! But I do like getting out to my trainers' gym. Perhaps it's because the sessions are charged individually, and I have to give 24 hours notice. Motivators are interesting, eh?

Unknown said...


Michelle Styles said...

Thanks one and all.

Donna _- I know you have found something that works for you and that is great!

Kate H -- Keep going. I know you will do it.

LP King -- Hooray that you have a trainer who will do that for you! My problem with gyms is that the nearest one is 10 minutes away. And then I have to pay for parking etc etc. Plus I always run into people I know and I am hopeless with exercise classes. When I used to do jazzercise, I was the one half a step behind everyone. It is far easier for me to switch on the dvd. BUT the important thing is know your motivation!!!