Friday, January 07, 2011

And more mice trouble

Thank goodness my traps work.

Mice have chewed the electrics in the kitchen, getting under the floorboards upstairs. The electircian held out the offending wires in silent accusation. All is now replaced...the kitchen lights work again and the traps set.

 I  hope the seven mice I have caught since new year are it. They are so destructive. We could have had a fire! Silly me to think that having vanquished them last year, that they woud not be back in the cold weather! Mice can squeeze in through the smallest of holes.

I do not mind mice outside as long as they don't attack my beehives etc. I do mind mice chewing wires in the house!
It is obvious that Mr Darcy and Heathcliff have decided that chasing mice is not as much fun as curling up in front of the fire!

One of my least favourite jobs is checking the mouse traps but someone has to do it. Particularly after reading the Bryson book.

Have you set a mouse trap today? Or do you prefer curling up in front of a fire?


Rula Sinara said...

Wow! Having your wires chewed is terrible, costly and dangerous! Glad the traps are working (if not the cats). I set a couple of traps in our basement once, but they were the type where the mouse goes in and doesn't come out. You never see anything but a colored switch that tells you the trap was tripped. It's all gross but necessary.

Caroline said...

I'm all for curling up next to the fire - it's too cold to go mice hunting. However I think you need to remind the cat's of their T&C's - I mean mouse catching is a fundamental requirement of being a feline - LOL. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

Amalie Berlin said...

I live out in the country, on a farm, and every fall the field mice get in. My cat has caught a mouse twice that I am aware of. I am aware of these two times because she did a victory lap of the living room, with a little mouse with its tiny, frantic, scrambly feet, swinging from her mouth by its tail. She carries them by the tail, which does not impede their ability to get away when she sets them down so they'll be fun again and run from her.

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

I have traps set and bait under the floorboards as a matter of course now. Verminous swines!

Serenity said...

Yes we've had mice in the kitchen and garage here in New Zealand. Peanut butter on the trap works every time!