Monday, January 03, 2011

His Stand In Bride -- the final chapter

In which Anne and Jason reach their HEA (it is a romance after all), the final chapter of His Stand In Bride is up on eharlequin. The enitrety of the story is also up now in case people (Chris I am thinking of you!) want to read it in one go. It was written in one go and so it is how I have always read it.
Anyway, thank you to everyone who has read thus far and commented. I do appreciate it.

Last night I discovered Zen -- the adaptation of Michael Dibdin's Roman dectective novels -- has started on BBC 1. Absolutely must watch. Stunning visually. Rufus Sewall stars as the dectective. And Dibdin was a great crime novelist so the plots hold together. A fantastic way to start the New Year. The lack of spin/excitement about the series in the general media is surprising. Luckily I happened to realise what it was! Dibdin is one of my dh's favourite novelists. The tv series does not disappoint. (I assume it will go to the US in the autumn as part of Masterpiece Theatre's crime season)


Caroline said...

What a great HEA for "His Stand In Bride". I loved it.

Also agree with you about Zen. I nearly missed it last night. There was very little promotion about it beforehand. But what an episode! The chemistry between the H/h was amazing. I could feel it zinging out of the TV. Caroline x

Anonymous said...

I caught Zen too! Brillo isn't it? So stylish and slick and sexy. Hope all well mrs, happy new year! xx Daisy/Abby Green (just in case you know a million daisies!)