Monday, January 31, 2011

Halfway through the Shred

Halfway through my 30 Days and I have started to see results. Not so much with my weight but the way my clothes fit.  Basically I can now comfortably fit into clothes that I wouldn't have dared to even try a few weeks ago. This includes a dress that my mother made for me last summer for the RWA conference. It kept getting stuck. Now it is loose, particularly around the waist. An interesting development is how much more comfortable my nice shoes are.  When I say  I gain weight all over, I didn't realise that mean my feet as well...My energy levels are also increasing. I know I am definitely stronger.
As it was my birthday last week and we went out to dinner on Saturday to friends who produce a good spread, I am not surprised my weight is steady. On Saturday, I wore The Dress that my mother made. Lots of compliments.
My appetite is more but I assume that is because I am exercising more. The thing to do is to remember to drink more water and to make sure that I know why I am eating. Has it been 3-4 hours since I last ate? If not then it is probably not hunger. What am I feeling when I want to eat? Eating is not always about hunger and there are a lot of other emotions involved.
It is the small successes that inspire and make you want to keep going. So much so that I ordered the next Jillian Micheals dvd -- 6 weeks to 6 pack abs which is supposed to be a step up from the Shred. I do like her attitude. And how when I am dying, she chirps with little bits of encouragement. Tough but with lots of heart.
So 15 more days of the Shred to go.


Zoe Archer said...

Keep up the good work, Michelle!

Donna Alward said...

Yay you!

I've really been struggling the last week, and I felt icky on the weekend and succumbed to STARCH.

But I can't change it now. Today I will do better. I only need to control today.

At least over the weekend we had 2 long dog walks and I played some wii sports with the offspring. It really showed that mixing it up works because I'm actually sore in places from it.

Michelle Styles said...


I have just put on a pair of jeans that I last fit in in 2005 (or maybe earlier). They are snug but I can wear them. It is seeing the results that helps.
Donna -- I keep being sore in places.

Rula Sinara said...

Hearing about your progress is really making me want to buy the Shred DVD. In fact, I think I will. I've been pushing myself to get on the treadmill and do some fat burn yoga DVD's, but I think the change of pace would be nice.

I think seeing/feeling how your clothes fit is a much better motivator than looking at the scale! I really have to watch carbs as well.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle Styles said...

Rula --

For an INTENSE workout that really seems to work, I do reccomend the Shred.
YOu feel like you are going to die but as Jillian says -- if she is going to make big promises, you do have to work.

Caroline said...

Great stuff Michelle - it's great to see the results so quickly. I've joined Weight Watchers last week. If I'm honest, I do find dieting hard - and my enthusiasm levels aren't what they should be considering I've only been doing it a week. I foretell many hurdles and falls ahead - lol. Caroline x