Monday, April 26, 2010

Because I'm going to Nashville

I have booked my plane tickets for Nashville. My place at the RWA conference and hotel room were booked when the conference bookings open back in February but I waited a little bit on plane tickets.
They were more expensive than I thought they'd be.
This means no new wardrobe and that I have to fit into my existing wardrobe.
This means exercise as nothing makes you lose inches like exercise. One of the best workouts I know is indoor rowing. And until we moved the rowing machine downstairs (where it became a good clothes horse), I was very good at doing it. I have started again after my youngest remarked that 3 x a week for 30 minutes at a time will get you fit in 6 weeks.
Time to do it as I have no wish to be wearing a sack at the RWA conference.

I have also discovered that dividing my writing into chunks and concentrating on finishing one chunk at a time is working. It means limited my Internet time but it is keeping me focused as I can't just check until I have finished the next chunk of 750 words. Thus far since starting the new regime on 6 April, I have managed over 63, 000 words. Go me!


Kate Hardy said...

Well done, Michelle! (And I might pinch some of those ideas... Not the rowing, but DH has apparently taken my bike out of the shed, checked the tyres and made sure everything's in working order. Arrgh. It's more than 13 years since I rode a bike - as in a fortnight after I bought it, when I discovered I was pregnant and DH slapped an immediate ban on cycling.)

Nell Dixon said...

Yay! Go you with the rowing and the writing. I wish I wrote faster.

Michelle Styles said...

The exercise one is good, Kate.
I will admit to being inspired by my sister who just ran her half marathon. Such an accomplishment. I can't run but I can row.

Nell I started writing in chunks because my output was getting lower and lower to about 350 words per day at one stage. Now I can concentrate for 750 words. I can hold off on the internet for 750. SOmehow 500 is too short and 1k is just too long. Right now it is working, so fingers crossed it will continue to.

Donna Alward said...

Yay on exercise! I'm loving our new program too and things are tightening up. Of course I frequently look like the tin man walking because my hamstrings are so stiff....

And I am in awe of your word count.