Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Steve Earle at the Sage Gateshead

Last night, I had the pleasure of taking my youngest to see Steve Earle at the Sage Gateshead (my husband is suffering from laryngitis). Steve Earle's current tour is to promote his new Townes cd where he covers a number of Townes Van Zandt songs.
Steve Earle was in good form and the songs remain classics. The Sage is a tremendous venue and is dedicated to folk music. Luckily it is easy to find and there is a ton of parking as well.
There once was a triumvirate of legendary singer/song writers -- Earle, Van Zandt and Guy Clarke. Unfortunately Van Zandt died before I got to see him perform so this was the next best thing.
BTW I do remain a huge fan of Guy Clarke's after seeing him at the Cambridge Folk festival back in 2000. His song The Cape helped me get through the submission process and be turthful still does. He did not know that he could not fly and so he did. Sums a lot. And in case anyone needs inspiration to keep on submitting and holding fast to their dreams:

Anyway, I can thoroughly recommend Steve Earle in concert. The man knows how to play the guitar.


Jon Hughes said...

I saw the show too.

He was certainly on form and had some great banter with the audience. He seemed alot happier than the last time he played.

I was pleased he played Fort Worth Blues, one of my favuorites.

My Old Friend the Blues....doesnt get better!

I was jealous of the lady near me who got the setlist!


Michelle Styles said...

Jon --
Thanks for dropping by!

What a lucky lady sitting next to you!
Do you know the name of the song that he sang to stop Townes' heckling?

I saw him at the Tyne THeatre in 2003 which was a great night as well but the Tyne Theatre's acoustics were not a patch on the Sage's.