Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hardy and the halti

Because Hardy and Tess have been pulling so much and I now have repetitive strain injury, I have resorted to a halti -- or head collar. Years ago I used one on Chile our Labrador and despite going back to an ordinary collar and lead, Chile still does not pull.
You do have to take the dog in and get the collar to fit properly btw. Because although they give some guidance, it depends on the dog and you might a halti one size smaller.

When you put on a halti, you instantly have more control as where the head goes, the body must follow. The dogs also can not apply as much tug. So you are not putting all your might into getting them to do what you want.

Once he realised that he could not pull, Hardy took to leaping in the air and trying to fly. But I pushed the lead down as he was starting one of his midair twists and he rather flopped (instead of flying). Since then, he has been walking to a near perfect heel and I only have to shake the lead slightlyto remind him.
Tess is beginning to get used to it and is walking better. And the walks are becoming much more enjoyable even after just a few days.
At first dogs do try to get the halti off, but they do learn very quickly how much more pleasant it is.
I understand some people use a gentle leader which basically acts the same way. The halti works for me though.


Donna Alward said...

Our neighbours have a gentle leader which makes things much nicer.

We were lucky with Dreamer that she was already trained, so the only pulling she does has to do with an urgency to find the "right spot", LOL!

Kate Hardy said...

I use a Halti on Byron. I get glared at for it (DH uses a normal lead) but he's so strong that it's the only way for me to cope with a gundog's tendency to have nose on floor and then set off at a run!

Michelle Styles said...

Yes, I can understand that Kate.
Some people think the halti looks a muzzle, but it is not.

Unknown said...

I can't walk my 3 dog pack without their Halties.
#1 70 lbs Lab Sharpei mix Bombay
#2 55 lbs Hound mix Copper
#3 28 lbs purebred 7 mth old Texas Lacy Game Dog Comanche.

I've been injured by all of them. The lacy loves to bark/bay after scent, critters and moving objects. Hubby was the one who insisted putting Comanche into the Halti after he got some back and shoulder muscles injured due to puppy's pulling. Comanche is slowly getting used to the idea that when he is walked the Halti isn't optional equipment.I've let several folks walk my dogs to see the difference in behavior.