Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bad Hardy and the Shouting Coat

Hardy now has a harness from Ruffwear as he kept getting bald spots on his nose from the halti. Plus my husband liked the look of the harness. It is designed with mountain rescue dogs in mind. I suspect we will be getting the boots so that Hardy can go hiking in the Lake District as the flint scree can play havoc with paws.

Hardy does pull less and is now easier to spot in the dusk. But the red colour certainly shouts.

As the children adored Dorothy Edwards My Naughty Little Sister when they were young, Hardy has been rechristened Bad Hardy. The Naughty Little Sister's identity is obvious.

Both dogs would be delighted to eat up any and all trifle. At Thanksgiving, it was a close run thing with the clam dip.

I shall not go on about Hardy's current obssession with rearranging the dog beds. He is never content with how I put them and he tugs them into other spots.

My revisions will be in on Monday.


Caroline said...

Hi Michelle. I'm with you on the dog beds. Molly our Staffie is always rucking her bed. If I rearrange her bed it is nnever good enough. Had to buy another bed today as it happens as she has rucked it so much it's gone bald! Take care. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless. I have one who sits very quietly by us at the table - but you KNOW he's there, and you're forced to save him little titbits or he does the "hard-done-by spaniel" look.

LOL on the naughty little sister :o)