Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer sale at Mills and Boon Online!

Carl Townend alerted me to the fact that for Sold and Seduced is available on at the Mills and Boon online site for 99 p this month.
It is part of the Mills and Boon Summer Sale and there are bargains galore!
In case anyone did not get the book when it was available back in April, now is your chance to get a NEW copy at a great price. Also there is Anne Herries's A Worthy Gentleman and Louise Allen's Not Quite A Lady.
At a slightly discounted price (2.77) , you can fill up on this month's offerings including Lyn Randal's Warrior or Wife. You can also get next month's books before they are released in the shops. First time author Annie Burrows is there as well as June Francis's Tamed by the Barbarian.

In Medicals, Kate Hardy's The Consultant's New Found Family is there for 99p and it is an excellent heart warming story.

The Roman's Virgin Mistress is still listed at its discounted rate of 2.77 on the July page.

The books are shipped at a flat 2 pounds to the UK and 4 pounds to the US -- no matter how many are in the it is a great deal.

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