Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gladiator's Honour on radio

The audio cd of Gladiator's Honour will be broadcast on One Word Radio, starting on 27 August.

It is your chance to hear the wonderful voice of Simon Poland. It is abridged, but I thought when I heard it that it was done very well.

Can you tell that I am very excited about this development?

My good friend Brigid Coady is the announcer.


Nell Dixon said...

very cool!

Kate Walker said...

Very very cool, Michelle. I hope that you have primed Biddy to announce 'The Award winning Novel Gladiator's Honour.'



Michelle Styles said...

I will admit to not having even thought of that!
This award winning business is very new to me you know.

Donna Alward said...

It might be new but you'd better get used to it!

I think it's cool that it's going to be on radio and even more cool that Biddy is announcing!