Monday, August 28, 2006

August Bank Holiday Monday

It is the AUgust Bank Holiday here in Britain. This means grey skies and possibility of drizzle later.
My dh has started to put the garden to rights. This will involve a trip to the dump as the garden is looking rather like a jungle at the moment.

The ducklings are growing. It is very interesting to watch the social interaction. Lots of head bobbing before a young duckling join a group of ducks. There is a certain order to the way they do things. Everything regimented with lots of load quacking if it does not go as planned.

I discovered two books -- Consuming Passions about the growth of the consumer during Victorian times, apparently there is a chapter on Christmas. And also the Victorian House:Childbirth through death. Both by Judith Flanders. I am justifying the purchase as research for the Victorian Christmas one I am writing after this one.

Speaking of which, I saent the partial for HVC off to my editor who will be returning from holiday tomorrow. Even though, in theory I don't need to send in partials anymore. I like to do it. It makes for a certain discipline.

The marketing team for Harlequin Mills and Boon are busy gathering data for the 2007 Romance Report. In particular they are doing a survey about how romantic are you?If you would like to help, please fill in the following survey. Your answers are totally confidential and can not be traced back to you.Obviously the more people who fill out the survey, the more information Harlequin Mills and Boon will have about the currnet state of romance.The survey does need to be filled in by 30 September for your answers to be included in the 2007 Romance Report that is sent out to media worldwide. Thank you in advance for helping.

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