Thursday, August 24, 2006

A better day, a hero prototype found.

Margaret Moore wrote a very good article on the Harlequin Historical Authors' blog in which she had uploaded a picture of Gerald Butler. Before this, I had not encountered him, and had not seriously considered him as an image model for Haakon, my hero. But when I saw the photo, I realized -- this was nearly a perfect match.
It is the dark hair and blue eyes. I understand from Patrica Frances Rowell he has been used as an image model for a number of Harlequin Mills and Boon Historical heroes including her own A Fortuitous Abduction. Terri Brisbin informs that she has over three hundred photos of this man. I think I have been missing something here.... I am not worried that our characters will alike, the deep character that each writer creates brings something new to the table. It is just that the image sometimes helps.

And here he is in a more modern pose. He will be appearing as King Leonidas in the 300 -- wearing Spartan Gear. Thermoplyae and all that. I hope it is a well told tale, although I suspect there will be a large group of women going for the pleasure of watching GB...and his loincloth. And what is wrong with that? A healthy hetrosexual appreciation of a good looking man is nothing to be sniffed at.
Anyway, once I had seen the picture, many thigns feel into place and where I had been a bit stuck, things appeared to flow better...
Did I need a face to put to an idea? I am not sure, but thus far it seems to have worked. I sent my first three chapters off to one of my critque partners and they came flying back with a few minor tweaks. These I will do and then send it off to my other critque partner, before sending it to my editor for Tuesday.

The bee stings are healing. And the honey has been bottled. I am currently melting the wax to separte if from any remaining honey and then I will make a few candles. The windows have to be closed while I do this as the bees can smell the honey and try to get in.

But the wip is moving forward again.


Donna Alward said...

I almost always have a face to go with mine...and moreso the hero than the heroine fwiw.

And hey, looking for the perfect hero is the kind of research I can really sink my teeth into.


Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, the pics aren't showing up for me. But yes, a picture can make a great deal of difference!