Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I had a lovely time yesterday doing the basic plotting. With my writing, I need to know where it is going to go. I have to have an end picture in my mind. This was part of the problem with my last idea, no pictures were coming. I can tend to visualise the plot as a series of stills. If I do it right, the still become technicolour, do it wrong they fade to cartoon. I am not sure if that makes me a plotter. I can't do graphs on paper. Or a pantster as it all tends to be up in my head. I have to have some sort of road map. The road map may turn out to have a few detuors along the way, but generally it is just about there.
My road maps often become my synopsis. I like to leave enough wriggle room, paint with a broad enough brush sh=o that my muse can come up with some great solutions. SOmetimes, I realise the end is n't going to work and there needs to be a variation.

At the moment, I can see the stills. The hero is also very definate about his name. In other words, it is only getting changed if my editor suggests it isn't working. Otherwise it stays. He has appeared and said this is who I am, what are you going to do about it? He is also easy to fall in love with, and different from my other heroes to a certain extent. Much more dangerous. Also he appears to be adept at keeping the crows of doubt away.

The fun part is with a really strong hero, I getto create a really strong heroine to match him. Actually, the heroine is tapping her foot, rolling up her sleeves and waiting to get stuck in. She is planning on making him suffer. They are both telling me that writing their story is going to be much more interesting than doing anything else.

But I hesitate, I need more information. The pictures need to be clearer. I know if I don't get the preliminary stuff done first then I will have to do it later and it will take longer then. So my hero and heroine will have to wait fuming in the wings, until I know them better. Until I know where the story goes. But what I do know is that IF I can pull it off it is going to be a good one. The hero is really really good. Maddie put a germ of an idea into my head, and Kate Walker fanned the flames, until he emerged...alpha that he is.

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