Monday, October 24, 2005

Last week's work

Last week, I wrote 5,000 words and 21 pages. At least four of which will probably have to be culled today as I thought after I wrote but there is no urgency here, no conflict, what is she is feeling inside her? I am simply describing the scene. Where is tension? This is praidly develoing down to a tea drinking, tension less scene. The choice is to either cut the scene or to up the tension through layering.
The problem is probably more that I have highlighted the wrong factors in the scene. She is nervous, tense but I don't think it is getting across to the reader.

I am reasonably happy with chapter one. Famous last words. My first chapters ALWAYS end up being changed. But it is at a point where I can move forward.

My goal for this week is to double the number of pages I wrote last week.

I also decided that perhaps I had best have a newsletter at some point and have included a newsletter sign up button on my website. Due to my dh deciding that I really ought to be helping outside (and bellowing), I have not checked if it works, but it should in theory.

The motivational factor here was the listing of Gladiator's Honour on Amazon UK. Obviously HM&B send a list of their intended releases a specific time in advance. But unfornately NO cover or indeed blurb. Just the title with my name. It will be more exciting as it gets closer and the paperback gets listed as well. But at least I know my ISBN number.


Anonymous said...

Good luck increasing the tension in the scene! And can't wait to see the cover. :)

Donna Alward said...

Your first paragraph just described my last scene. I am thinking I'll either cut it or I'll have to layer in more emotions and tension. LOL At this point I am just trying to soldier on and finish the first draft, so that then I can go back and fix what needs to be fixed.

Things are really moving for you...a newsletter, wow! Good for you!

Kate Allan said...

Yay! I so can't wait to hold a copy of GH in my hands. :)