Thursday, August 18, 2005

Under a blood red moon

Last night a crimson moon rose in the sky and hung there in the last few embers of the sun.
Watching it, it was easy to see how people must have seen portents in sights like that.
Of course as the sun continued to set and the moon to rise, it was less red, but no less big and beautiful.
I had never seen a red moon before, and thought that perhaps it was a tale told round a campfire, but there it was -- between two treees in a deepening blue-black sky. My dh was somewhat amused by it all. The elder two children were interested (the youngest was sound asleep after his garden camping adventure) but not for very long. For me, however, it was a source of fascination.
What would happen if such a moon appeared before a battle? How would people react? Would the camp fall silent, the general background noise of plates, dice and laughter fading as the moon was noticed? Or what if a woman was waiting for news of her soldier husband, knowing there wqould be a battle? Would it make any difference on the time period? Sometimes, one can only look on in awesome wonder.

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture you've just painted. And you're right. Portents. Old English elegaic poetry is fabulous in that regard. (And I will shut up now because I can go on and on about this subject...)