Tuesday, August 09, 2005

summer holidays mean school clothes

It was that time of year. It could no longer be put off. The children were not placated by my old stand by of Can't you make do? School's nearly out. So we had to do it. We had to brave the M&S school department.
It was not so bad. Give it another week, and it will be wall to wall madness. I know that. I have been there too many times. When your hand goes for the last sized anything, only to find some sharp eyed mother got there before. And the queue for the fitting rooms stretches out the door and down the block. It is no good not tryingthings on because if you go for that option, you are going to face the Returns.
It is no good saying -- order online as with school trousers, size varies so. See above about Returns. Been there, done that. Had to return.
We had one hiccup. No trousers fit the middle daughter. Nothing. Cue silent cursing.
However, there was a saving grace -- she likes skirts. She is now the proud owner of two new skirts and seven pairs of tights. This should suffice.
The youngest found his trousers (they will need to be taken up) but the eldest swears his current trousers fit. They had better.
To make matters worse, my mother was with us. It made for an interesting shopping experience. But the end I was frazzled.
However the school clothes shopping is over for another year. It is just the shoe shopping that I have to go for next. They all got newshoes in the last term -- so it can wait.

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