Monday, August 15, 2005

On being trendy

The Telegraph had an article about beekeeping in its Weekend section. Apparently it is now a trendy and glamourous thing to do...if you are a woman. It is wonderful to see hobbies being reclaimed. Knitting with its Stich and Bitch commandos. Baking with its sexy Nigella Lawson domestic goddess persona. Even chickens and vegtable growing.
The fact is crafts and doing things with your hands because you take pleasure in it is coming back. Knitting or conted cross stitch can be a far better way to relieve stress than smoking. I am always grateful that I have never smoked as I need to be doing something with my hands. It has never bothered me that knitting and the like were supposed to be religated to the granny squad in this country as being American, I was considered differnet anyway. Besides, I have knitted fluffy pink jumpers. I prefer to use different wools and cotton. My favourite is a demin cotton that you knit and then wash to shrink before sewing up.
For that matter, I love to sew. Designer clothes are much less expensive when you make them yourself. It is also the challenge of making something.
And I do like to bake bread. All of these activites afford me time to think about my work rather than say watching TV which does nothing for my creative process.

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