Sunday, August 21, 2005

HBO and BBC's Rome

I had managed to let this wash over me. However the HBO showing of the Rome series is about to start on 28 August (9-10 pm ET/PT). Rome is in the BBC's autumn line up but I don't know the exact start date. However, I suspect the ads for the BBC version will mention the fact that it is a huge hit in the US. The Sunday Telegraph also have an article about the series in today's edition.

Critics have apparently liked the series which follows the fortunes of two fictional characters during the fall of the Roman republic and the start of the Empire. The starting point is 53 BC.

HBO are looking to Rome to keep its status as a at the edge TV series provider. They need a new mega hit as Sex and the City is gone. The Sopranos is on its last series (maybe -- they are starting to film 8 bonus episodes in Jan) and Six feet Under is on its last series, I believe. It is supposed to be I Claudius on Viagra and steriods. In any case a $100 million, it is the most expensive television series shot to date. This means the advertising will be heavy. HBO want the series to succeed. The few clips I have seen -- with swords flying everywhere, the suggestion of sex and the hint of intrigue look good.

Obviously I am hoping it will succeed as it might make people want to read more about the time period. The Gladiator's Honour might be well placed to take advantage of it. I shall be watching the ratings with fingers crossed. If anyone in the US chances to see it, I would be interested to hear what you think of it. Does it whet your appetite for more?

I will have to watch the series as whatever happens, it will enter the public conscience and become to a certain extent *what people expect*. Hopefully, it will be reasonably be close to my own idea of what Rome was like.

Other news: I am busy editing my latest wip. It is a case of revising because I had to clear the proofs from my head. However, TSD is becoming stronger and the motivations clearer. BUT I have had a whole host of crows, dragons and turkeys of doubt on this one.


Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what does HBO stand for?

Michelle Styles said...

HBO stands for Home Box Office. They are one of the orginal US pay television stations. They atarted out broastcasting movies, and have since branched out into rock concerts and made for television movies and series. Band of Brothers was a collaberation between the BBC and HBO.

Anonymous said...

It does look interesting.

Are you working on finishing the book from the partial you submitted or are you working on a different proposal? Good luck!

Michelle Styles said...

Still the partial, Michelle.
When I last spoke with my editor, she quietly encouraged me to finish. It has had a good first read. She simply has not had a chance to read it herself.