Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

Today is September 11.
I truly hope that some day I will be able to enjoy the day as a normal day rather thinking back to the dreadful events of 2001. 11 years have passed but the events remain seared on my soul.
As long time readers of this blog will know, I was tangently touched by the events and remain ever thankful that none of my family were injured or killed.
On this day, I also think about the other people whose lives were affected in the time since. So much has changed as a result of those despicable acts. Hopefully some day various leaders will come to realise that human lives are worth more than a postage stamp and suicide bombing will become a thing of the past as discredited as the charge of soldiers across a field at cannons.
The important thing is to remember and honour everyone but to live one's life how one wants to. It should be a normal day. Some day it will be again.

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Caroline said...

Lovely words Michelle. Caroline x