Monday, May 14, 2012

Tracy Anderson Continuity Update

Right I am on the second part of Continuity. Day 198. I can safely say I have never followed an exercise programme for this long. TAM does what it says. Tracy Anderson really gets in there and starts redesigning your body. Redesigning takes time.
I have just previewed C1.2 L3 which includes a plank where you collaspe down on your right arm while swinging your right leg under your left. You then straighten, kicking back and raising your right arm to a full plank position. Amazingly I can do it. How many remains to be seen but it is not so bad.
This is from the woman who loathed all planks.
A number of the exercises in previous levels have included a collasping arm so I know how to do it.
My balance is getting better. I can balance two handed on an upright weight, while swinging my leg in the air, without falling over!  I was wearing ankle weights at the time so totally pleased with the progress. The balance moves really help with the abs.
I have learnt that it is best practice to be able to do all the reps for 3 days straight, and then add the ankle weights. It works and does give an extra challenge. It also gives more of a burn if you do it that way.
I love the endorphins that 60 min of DC brings each morning. It gives me space to think and clear my mind.
And yes I know I have promised a picture of me, preferably with my shoulders and arms exposed. it will happen. I am proud of them. I am also starting to get proud of my back and my bottom is looking much more rounded. My saddle bags appear to be gone. There is still more to come but really it is the mental challenge that I do love -- the falling over at the start only to be able to perform the exercises (with ankle weights) by the end of the 10 days.

I recieved my AMBA (Association of Mills and Boon Authors) invite for the September lunch so it is another target date to keep me on course. Actually I find working out every morning does wonders for my mood.
You start for shallow reasons and continue on for mental health benefits.

Workwise I have started a couple non Harlequin projects because I have built time into my schedule. We shall have to see where they take me but it feels like I am doing the correct thing. And I am looking forward to writing my Vikings.

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