Saturday, May 05, 2012


Yesterday passed and it was tough.
The hardest thing now is listening to Heathcliff meow for his brother to come and play, knowing that his brother can't come. Sometimes hegets this happy look on his face and rushes off to investigate a spot where he thinks his brother must be hiding, only for his face to fall. Heathcliff has an expressive face for a cat...
We have decided that Heathcliff will be the solitary cat in the household. We learnt from our long ago expereince when Marmalade died and thought Treacle would need a playmate so quickly got 2 kittens. Treacle disliked the kittens intensely, turning the house into WW3.
Then when Joss the border collie died and we got Tess and Hardy, Chile was not overly pleased. Ironically we got two dogs because we were certain Chile would soon go. 3 years later, Chile is older and grumpier than ever but very much around. It took him about  6 months to used to Hardy and Tess.
The two who are off at uni thought we must be calling about him when we called about Mr Darcy.
Sometimes, if it is your time, it is just your time and if it isn't, it isn't.

Being an author means that I will remember the emotions. Am I being selfish in hoping that I have done enough grief for awhile? But grief is the price we pay for loving animals and the love and joy we get is worth the pain.


Nell Dixon said...

Just big hugs sent your way.

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs from me, too. I remember Byron looking for Sally, and it was hard. Hang on in there. It will get easier. xxx

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Sending love and hugs.


Tracy2011 said...

I know how you are feeling it is gut wrenching, I have loved and lost many dogs and cats in my life. I will always have them in my life, they bring such companionship and ubconditional love. Big hugs going your way Michelle xx