Friday, February 10, 2012

His Unsiutable Viscountess proofs done

I finished my proofs of His Unsuitable Viscountess this morning. I loved the book and think it really special. I know, I know there have been no reviews of it and everyone might hate it, but right now I am going with my gut instinct. I did get a distinct tingle down my back. There were places I knew I would cry, but I was caught unawares by one place.
All the behind the scenes drama of last year was worth it and I am pleased my editor pushed me so hard.
I don't have the back cover blurb yet or I would have posted it and I am looking forward to getting the cover, but this book has been put to bed for me now.
Still no word on the scheduling of Hattie Meets Her Match or Shackled to the Viking. I think these are both still working titles as well.
I do need to get to work on To Marry A Rake as I have promised my editor the partial for Monday and after reading HUV, I know it is not up to that standard YET but it will be.
It is about delving deeper into the character's physche and really pushing hard to deliver a heart warming read.


Caroline said...

Can't wait to read it Michelle! Caroline x

Tora Williams said...

I'm really looking forward to reading it :)

Anonymous said...
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Michelle Styles said...

I personally really liked it so I shall be curious to see what people think.
My new partial is with my editor