Monday, May 02, 2011

Festival of Romance

Hard at work finishing my revisions but I took time to join the new social media site for lovers of the Romance genre in the UK -- Festival of Romance.  It is to promote the romance genre in all its forms in the UK.  My dear friend Kate Allan with whom I wrote The Lady Soldier had a hand in starting it. You can join here

Wonderful news about Bin Laden's death. I am under no illusions that the struggle to rid the world of terror is at end. BUT an important symbol has been removed. Hopefully people will now realise that this man was a mass murderer who hid behind the shield of religion and perverted the nature of that religion. He was indiscriminate killer who will now have to answer for his crimes. I very much doubt that he has a place in Paradise.

It is a goregous May Bank Holiday and I hope everyone is enjoying it.

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Nas said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the link. I'm trying to open it but been unsuccessful so far.

Happy May Day!