Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reshaping My Writer's Bottom: Update

Sometimes, it feels like my fitness is not improving. Every single time I do a dvd workout, I feel marinated afterwards. I know I am better as I can get lower in my squats and I don't die on certain exercises. But I keep trying to give it my all and so my legs tend to be jelly afterwards. Slowly but surely the weight is coming off. But it is tempting to see how far I have to go rather than how far I have come.
There are two important dates looming -- first next Tuesday when I go down to London to see my editor for my annual visit. And second, the RWA National conference. I want to look good for that for a number of reasons... Having events on the horizons is helping me to keep focused.

I am still waiting to hear from my editor about the latest round of tweaks. It never gets any easier waiting (anyone who says it does could hide their own Easter eggs or is being disingenous) . But it is so important to put out a strong book. And I do love these characters. I just hope I have maximised the potential of this book. I want it to be a powerful story.  This time working out is helping to relieve the stress.

I am currently working on the next book. It should be excellent but it is always about pushing myself to stretch and to go deeper. Discovery drafts are for discovering what doesn't work and what does.

Shelfari is now linked into Amazon and so I am slowly updating the extras, providing links to places and books that inspired that particular book, doing character lists etc. What sort of things do readers want to see? Or am I doing this for my own amusement?

Oh and why does HBO have to sex up Game of Thrones? The story is absorbing enough without the various couplings. My daughter and I kept going -- but that isn't in the book. I know they are trying to get important info across but they have used the same device in two different episodes -- basically talk during sex. My editor would not let me get away with that sort of Pope in  the Pool backstory exposition.

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