Thursday, May 25, 2006

Library talk

The talk I gave at the Washington Town Centre Library, reaffirmed all the reasons I love libraries and thnk they should be supported.

It was a well managed talk complete with posters and books. The librarian had even arranged to have a few of the paperbacks on sale. And about ten percent of the people who attended purchased a copy. There were about thirty people there. A significant majority belonged to the book group and had already read my book. Everyone was pleasant and I basically talked for over an hour.

People were there because they wanted to hear about writing romance, Mills and Boon and my books. I geareed it towards both readers who wanted to know more about how books were written and writers. One of the writers from the RNA Northumberland came along and it was wonderful to see a friendly face.

Apparently I am now known to the librarian mafia and my name may get passed along.


Anonymous said...

and a very informative talk it was, Michelle, and apparently eithout notes! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I learned so much about HM&B!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Michelle! Great job!!

Kate Allan said...

Glad it went well!