Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sometimes you are windscreen and sometimes the bug

I had a horrible night's sleep -- a combination of too much coffee and upset at a burglary at a near neighbour's. They were completely ransacked. A very professional job. The criminals had obviously done their homework.
It made me realise how much the village has changed in the nearly ten years that we have lived here. This part of the village has gone from an area where someone was at home in 90% of the houses during the day to one where the vast majority of the house are empty during the day. From a population of young families, retirees and rural types to dual income professionals who work in the big city. Far fewer people have big dogs as well. The cars are newer and more upscale.
It made me feel glad that we have two large dogs, and the house is never left unoccupied for long regular periods. BUT I also know there by the grace of God, go I. There are unfortunately determined scum around. Other unforeseen events occur.

So today is a day for backing up the computer. The worst thing for my friends is that when the thieves took the computer, they also took all the baby pictures. Some things are priceless.

Gladiator's Honour is up on the M&B website, but the price is still wrong. The Powers that Be know about it and it will get changed eventually....
I am still waiting for the rest of the books agreed in my contract...It will sort eventually, but for the moment, I feel vaguely unsettled.

Yesterday was good in parts. I had my royality cheque from Hale (everything counts!) and my advance cheque arrived from HM&B. I also went into WHS and saw Julie Cohen's second book Being A Bad Girl and Kate Hardy's first Mod X The Cinderella Syndrome on the shelves. All the Moderns and the Historicals have an ad for audio on the back inside cover featuring the Gladiator's Honour cover and Sara Craven's Wife Against Her Will. The other lines, including ModX have blank inside covers. I did some subtle rearranging of shelves there and at Tescos.

Now I need to work on the next one. Before I can submit anything though, I need to wait and hear the thoughts on PBB. It is how HM&B works. You have to finish one contract before they will look at a new contract... And my old friends The Procrastinators go -- yippee, you have time you are no longer on a deadline. Relax, go with the flow. Don't work. And other blandishments. I hope my character's voices can drown them out.


Anonymous said...

Hugs, Michelle - it's never nice when you hear of a burglarly that close. And losing pics - that would finish me. (I could get copies back from most of the members of my family, but...) Hope your neighbour manages to get at least some copies back.

Thanks for the rearranging. (And you'll be pleased to know I am going to the post office tomorrow. About time, too!)

Anonymous said...

Yikes on the burglary! Glad your house wasn't a target. Hope they catch the thieves and that it doesn't happen again!

Best of luck on PBB.

Nell Dixon said...

Burglaries are horrible and how awful to lose the pictures.

Anna Louise Lucia said...

I'm sorry about your friends, Michelle - but I'm glad the price is right on GH!