Monday, April 03, 2006

A small annoyance

I had looked forward to 1 April because that was when Gladaitor's Honour would be officially available for order on the Mills and Boon website. Umm there is a slight problem. The historical page does not list ANY of this month's historicals except for Candace Camp's Super Historical.
Gladiator's Honour is available for purchase as an audio cd. If you do a search you can find Gladiator's Honour as a book, but the price isn't correct and so I am not posting a link until it is correct.
I am trying to tell myself that little hiccups are not omens, that these tings happen, that I won't be the first author to have had this happen to her. I simply hope things go betterfrom here on out.
My lovely editor is investigating it and I am sure it will be resolved in due course.
But I am left with the feeling -- why me? Why my book?


Anonymous said...

Michelle, it's not a bad omen. Promise. It's happened to lots of us before - the website has the blurb for our book but shows someone else's cover, or vice versa. (I've had a book with a big flash saying it's an A&E book... when it's very far from it.)

You'll be fine! (And I look forward to being your shelfmate next month.)

Donna Alward said...

:-) Take a breath and remember it'll all get fixed. :-)

Kate Walker said...

Michelle, don't worry about it - it's just a technical thing. It's happened before and it will happen again

And the good news is that I just checked - and it's all sorted now. Your book is displayed perfectly - Congratulations!

So - relax - and b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

T'other Kate

Kate Walker said...

Ooops - sorry - not perfectly - the price is still confuzzled

But I'm sure that wil be sorted out too

I know - it's a horrible feeling when it's your first book. But when it's actually on the shelves in a ship then none of this will matter

Hugs on the annoyance

Anna Louise Lucia said...

It'll be okay, Michelle!!! (((hugs))))

And your cover looks really eye-catching in that collection.

Nell Dixon said...

It'll be great!

Michelle Styles said...

I am trying to breathe.

It will be fine. They know about the price problem. I am just glad it is up.

I have just had an email from a reader who is a dedicated Regency fan. She wasn't sure if she'd like my book or not. Read the first page and could not put it down until she had finished it!


Anonymous said...

They'll sort the price out eventually. It's still wonderful to see the cover! Yay!

Kate Allan said...

It's all be fine!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It'll be fine. Delicious had someone else's cover on Amazon for about a week. Yours will be fixed and it will have wonderful, wonderful sales. I can't wait to hold it in my hot little hands!