Monday, September 19, 2005

Two days on

Many thanks for all the messages of sympathy and support.

The annoying part now is waiting to see if they are going to total the car, and if they do that -- how much are they going to offer. Thanks for a lovely public spirited man I know now the car did not roll but merely tilted at the end. Luckily, the bushes stopped it from rolling. So my fingers are firmly crossed that the car can be saved. It depends though on how much it will cost to repair. Any more than 60% of the value and they will probably prefer to total it.

I go through stages. Other than the ache in my right side where I Must have hit the door handle, I am pretty much okay physically. Sometimes, I relive the accident. The worst was when the car was zig zagging. You always think -- well if I had done this or that, I'd be fine. In my case, if only I had stuck to the outside lane, instead of worrying about what be coming up fast behind me.

Chances are I will not have to face this sort of test again.

After speaking with my insurance brokers, I felt weepy. I had to answer all sorts of questions. The hardest part was that I did not have a full copy of the policy in front of me. Where has the booklet gone to? All I had was the certificate of insurance and the renewal notice. I did however have the other car's policy. Most car insurance policies tend to be very similar. I can understand charging a deductible for new drivers and drivers under 25, but I am over 25 and have held a full British drivers license since Feb 1989. Hopefully the broker will send out another booklet and I can clear this up. When in doubt, go back to the policy as it tells you very clearly

I have just phoned the stupid body shop. They say that they are now not picking the car up and don't know who is picking the car up. Where it is stored thinks that the body shop IS picking the car up. I have telephoned my brokers who are clueless and who will try to get some sense out of the inusrance company. Argh!!!!!!!!

In the meantime, my dh is talking about taking the week off. He was already taking Friday off and there is not much work in his calender. His reasoning is that I need him at home as I am injured. Wonderful thought, but this usually involves telling me to rest and not go on the computer... I am NOT a good patient.

At the moment all I want is everything to be settled with the car and to be able to go forward, instead of being in limbo.


Alex Bordessa said...

Glad to hear your kids are OK and that your dh is taking time off work. Not surprised you're weepy after an accident like that! Do take care; if that pain the right hand side is persistent, make sure you get it investigated.

Anonymous said...

Me too (what Alex said).

Re the deductible - most UK car policies have a 'voluntary excess' - if you choose to have a bigger excess your premium will be cheaper. (Compulsory excess tends to be more if you're under 25/high risk (i.e. past history of accidents).)

Hope your broker can sort it for you. Be kind to yourself!! Hope to see you Friday.