Friday, September 16, 2005

Recharging batteries

Today I went to the RNA Northumberland meeting. Unfortunately Anna couldn't make it. One of the highlights for me is always the drive in the car with Anna, but I did cope.
I stopped at Barter Books and most everyone else who was going to the meeting was there. We may be able to talk the lady behind the counter at Barter Books into joining us as she wants to find a writing group. The best surprise was that Melinda Hammond, an author of ten swashbuckling romances for Hale was holidaying the area and had decided to come to the meeting.
We had a long discussion about writing -- blockages, brainstorming, and jump cutting of scenes. It was very useful to hear other people's takes on a variety of things, plus hear about people's news.
Everyone has volunteered to help at the workshop, so that is good news. But it is back to the nail biting and hoping that more people decide to come.

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