Monday, December 28, 2009

Kittens and puppies

The kittens are growing rapidly. I will get my youngest to put his pictures on the computer as the stupid computer still does not want to recognise my camera.

Tess has decided that she is the kittens' mother and keeps trying to clean them, much to Heathcliff's disgust. Heathcliff however has decided his place is in front of the living room fire and the dogs are suppose to move when he enters the room. In the end, it ended in a compromise when all of them lying down together.

The kittens also staged a break out and were discovered legging it down the hallway to my dh's study. They then had to be lured from under the sofa and removed. Because of their small size and ability to get into tight corners, I prefer to keep them confined!

Hardy has discovered that he loves cat food and if any is left down, he has taken upon himself to finish it.

It remains cold here and so I am planning on taking my big Christmas present -- new hiking boots -- for another long walk. The hiking boots are wonderfully warm and support my ankles. I wore my last pair out...

The wip is coming along slowly but steadily.


Caroline said...

It sounds as if the kittens are heading for "world (Styles)" domination! Amazing how tow small balls of fluff can rule a household. My two dogs definitely rule our house from morning to night. Right now they are practically sitting on top of the fire blocking out much needed warmth here on one of the coldest nights of the year here in Wales! Take care. Caroline x

Donna Alward said...

Mine already rules the roost. But I am pleasantly surprised at how well dog furbaby and cat furbaby are getting along.

Lovely mild day here today and so a walk was definitely in order. I like snow at Christmas but I can't argue with how nice it was for walking.