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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black ice

It froze hard last night and there is a covering of snow on top of that. This meant walking the dogs turned into slipping and sliding. Tess now understands -- gentles -- and slows down. She looked most surprised when I tumbled on my bottom and slid into her. The only thing damaged was my pride...

The kittens have discovered the joys of sleeping in my rocking chair. They are rapidly growing.

Oh and I watched the second part of Cranford series 2 last night. Absolutely magical. It is just as good as the first series. I loved various small touches. And immediately ordered the DVD. I suspect it will be shown in the US and Canada soon. It is certainly a treat that should not be missed. I loved the small part that Tim Curry added that little bit extra and the main romance was sigh worthy.

The wip goes slowly but steadily. It is the holiday season after all and an afternoon contest of Scrabble called....

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Caroline Storer said...

Brrr! It sounds cold up there! We are expecting snow today - none so far - but there is some on Snowdonia. Caroline x