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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitten on my lap

My old cats, acquired before I had a computer, never used to come and sit on my lap as I worked. Tuppence would come in and perch on the sofa and watch, occasionally comment but never feel the need to actively participate.

Mr Darcy (who is now asleep on the sofa) wants to help write and has taken to climbing up my leg and then jumping on the desk. Sometimes I suspect that his typing might be better than my own!

Heathcliff prefers my shoulder to supervise and now is asleep on my lap. He was not fooled by the blanket on the sofa trick. He wants a lap and every so often to be stroked.
There is something about a warm kitten, purring away.
The puppies are being good and have enjoyed their encounters with snow. However, the puppies are far too big to sit on my lap. Tess will lie at my feet when I work though and I will be glad when operation get the kittens used to the puppies ends. The puppies have worked out that the kittens are alive and that kitten food tastes good! The kittens seem to think the puppies are mobile scratching posts...


Kate Hardy said...

Michelle, that's so cute :o) Thanks for sharing. And how lovely that he's so affectionate.

Our first spaniel as a couple used to lie with his head on my feet (or sit with his head on my knee) while I was working, and I still miss that - Byron tends to snooze on his bed, though he'll try to climb on my lap to let me know it's lunchtime :o)

Judy Jarvie said...

They look and sound adorable. Oh how I'd loved kittens again. Love the names btw. Have a super Christmas with your lovely new pets. jx

Carol Townend said...

Michelle, this must stop ;) !! You are making me really really really wish I was not allergic to cats. I LOVE them, but they make me wheezy. And yours are so sweet! (We do mamanage to get a bit of a cat as our neighbour's cat, Zeno comes to visit)

Suzanne Jones said...

That kitten is too cute to be true.

Caroline Storer said...

Gorgeous! There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a cat/kitten purring with contentment. Take care. Caroline x