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Friday, October 10, 2008

Workshop tonight

This evening I will be giving a workshop at Berwick Library about writng romance. This is part of my year as the writer in residence for the Northumberland libraries. It is a 2 hour long talk. Hopefully the people attending will find it enjoyable. Apparently, it is well subscribed.

Wish me luck.


Carol Townend said...

Lots of luck, Michelle!
Have you made note cards for the talk?
All best

Michelle Styles said...

My use of index cards does not extend to that height. I have however done an outline in my Moleskine notebook.
Luckily I can wax lyrical about romance and romance writing at the drop of a hat. So I should be able to say everything I want and then open it up for questions.

India said...

Michelle, the audience don't know how lucky they are-- yet! By the time they leave tonight I'm sure they'll realise that your enthusiasm and expertise are invaluable. I wish I was going!

Donna Alward said...

Good luck! But you will be fab.

The question and answer part is my personal favourite anyway!

And if anyone doubts, send them to your CP. :-) I can vouch for you. LOL

carolwarham said...

Good luck, I wish it was nearer

Kate Hardy said...

Hope you have a great evening :o)