Monday, October 13, 2008

Rowing again

I have now been doing indoor rowing for about 8 weeks, and according to the monitor have rowed over 200,000 meters. My times are slowly but steadily improving. My weight is again slowly improving (hooray) and my measurements shrinking. My stamina is also improving. I have far more energy and I do think my mental capacity has been improved. Certainly, rowing is great for relieving stress levels.

There remains a long way to go but I did manage to find a swimsuit at bravissmo and so am set for my upcoming holiday. There are tangible rewards to exercising. Bravissmo is wonderful for the well endowed woman. Tops rather than being cut like tubes actually have a bit of shape to them.

The wip is coming on and will be finished before I go on holiday. It suffers from a failure to precisely decide the back story before completeing the first draft and a lot of repetition. In other words, I am working on toning its sagging middle. But I need to keep my eye on the doughnut and not the hole.

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Unknown said...

Michelle you mention the doughnut and not the hole I wished you had linked back to those great posts you had done on it a while ago.....

Good luck :-)