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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hands and other body parts

Writing a sensual scene is not just about broad shoulders or faces. It is about using the entire body. This is why it was lovely to find courtesy of Donna Alward, a website devoted to Hands. In particular it is devoted to hands of male celebrities. So there are several lovely pictures of Hugh Jackman, James Purefoy and Mads Mikkelson for example. None, however of Richard Armitage or Philip Glenister -- and this is an oversight. It has to be.
But seeing the hands made me realize that I ha gone wrong with my current hero. I needed to recast him. He was in the process of being recast anyway as he went from being a plain Mr grandson of a baronet to a Viscount. But I knew I would need that Regency arrogance (my editors keep going on about this), that I own the world look. Someone who smoulders. Jason Isaacs worked -- even if his eye colour is wrong. But now at least I know the type I want to play my hero.
So when you are riting ssual scen, think of the less obvious. It may give you whole new insights.


Biddy said...

Mmm hands... *sigh* Part of the reason I fell for The Bloke was his hands.

Donna Alward said...

LOL you are welcome. I do try to be helpful. :-)

India said...

I have a deep and abiding hand obsession. (Maybe fetish would be a better word, though I hate to use it so early in the morning...)
Can I just mention James D'Arcy's hands... again??