Current Release

Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blogging away etc

Today is my day for Tote Bags and I blogged about the Harlequin editorial podcasts as they are one of my procrastination tools.

Realms on Our Bookshelves tagged me and I responded with 8 facts about me. Realms as you may know is a European website that allows readers to discuss books in their own language, even though they may have read the books in English. The women who run the site are dedicated to the romance genre.

Currently the Aga is off as it is about to have its service. This makes the house colder.despite the recent decline in oil prices, it remains too expensive to run the central heating. The fire in my study is working well and the room becomes quite cosy. I have not succumbed to throwing the index cards into the fire and my board is looking quite pretty. My daughter thinks I should have photos but that is too much like hard work. The proof with the board will be when the revisions hit.

The code for the board is blue = hero, pink = heroine, yellow = relationship, green = anything else.

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