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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do index cards work?

As I am nearing the end of editing, I am trying to see if the index card thing has helped. Cetainly I think this ms is a stronger one.

Obviously, the proof will come when revisions hit. Did I make a mistake with the structure? Etc etc. If you compare the top picture of the board with the bottom. You will see that I now have far more yellow cards -- ie things progressing the relationship, rather than external things. A number of scenes ended up being cut as they did not really help. So this is good. I was also able to see holes more easily. All in all, I can see why index cards and boards are used. I think they can be a valuable tool. I know that I will keep the cards until the revisions are completed, just in case things need to change. And I do think colour coding has helped.
And I rather suspect that had I done this with my Viking, I would not have had to rewrite the thing and would have spotted the major flaws...Currently I am wondering IF the Viking will be returning for more happens when one does major rewrites.


B.H. Dark said...

Sad to say, I think the index card method is very helpful if you're trying to balance several things at once. I still have all of mine up on my closet door from my last novel.

I'm glad it was a useful tool for you!

B. H. aka Julie

Liz Fielding said...

I suspect I need more yellow cards in my wip, too, Michelle. :(

Michelle Styles said...

Yes but doing out the story in this way shows you that you need more yellow cards, Liz...rather than having your editor tell you.

Julie -- as historicals can have multiple strands, it is useful. Also I had such a tremendous amount of revisions with the last Viking that I am trying to avoid another pink sourdough mess.