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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Workshop recap

Despite the horrid weather, the drive up to Berwick was lovely. My daughter and I went the scenic route. And the countryside in North Northumberland is fantastic at this time of year -- in a very wind swept Wuthering Heights sort of way. Berwick is, of course, a walled town and boasts a magnificent railway bridge.

Berwick library itself is about 8 years old and suffers from some lack of planning about the facilities...But the staff could not have been more helpful.

The people who attended the workshop were truly lovely and welcoming. They are starting a romance writing group and so were keen to hear what I had to say. The first half was a general overview of the genre, and the second was much more specific. Basically I spoke for two hours straight. Hopefully, one day one of the people who attended will become published. Certainly the atmosphere seemed good.

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Nell said...

Glad it went well!