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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife blurb

My editors have just sent through the blurb for the sequel to A Question of Impropriety -- Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife.

His unexpected bride…
Wealthy landowner Simon Clare shuns Northumbrian society. With his son gravely ill, the last thing Simon needs is an interfering woman assuming command of his household and nursing young Robert – no matter how sensuous her figure, or how tempting her luscious lips.

Phoebe Benedict knows what it is to struggle, and finds herself drawn to the badly scarred recluse. Despite his tough exterior, she knows that Simon is a father who yearns for his son to recover – and a man who misses the tender embrace of a woman…

Personally I think the blurb captures the essence of the story and hopefully people will enjoy it when it comes out.

My current wip continues -- let's hear it for repetition and difficult to follow backstory. I need to layer in more emotion, but I think the bones are there.

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