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Current Release
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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

start of school

Today my youngest starts high school. How did this happen? I remember vividly when he started nursery school.
Needless to say he is tremendously excited. He has been counting the days.
The good part for me is the High School is down the road. Years of school runs and fighting buses etc on a steep bank littered with parked cars and lorries has come to an end. They all can use their legs to get there. I think it has been nearly 12 years of the school run in some form.
The other two start tomorrow. This gives the Year 9's a chance to find their way around the school without being run over by roaming herds of students.

My revisions are going fine. The book will be wonderful when it is done. And I am very excited about doing the revisions. They do make sense. Sometimes, you would think that I would remember to apply my knowledge before I turn the work in...


Nell said...

Congratulations on the end of the school run, good luck to your youngest. My middle has been at her new high school for a week or so now and loves it. I've one more year with youngest at primary school. Then I'll have one year where they'll all be together then it'll be college time for eldest.

Biddy said...

Congrats on the end of the school run! And well done on the rowing, you can do it. Hopefully we can catch up next week maybe when you're down. The builders are still in and I'm still camping *sigh*