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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Monday, September 15, 2008

contest winners and indoor rowing

I have drawn the names for the September Newsletter contest. The names out of the hat were
1. Amber Packard who wins a hard back copy of A Question of Impropriety
2. Melissa Keith who wins a paperback copy from one of my backlist.
Both winners have been contacted via email. Many thanks to all who entered. The next newsletter goes out in November.

I have been rowing for about four weeks now. I enjoy it. My times are coming down and so I suspect that I am getting fitter. My waist measurement etc are slowly coming down and my clothes are getting looser. My weight is slowly decreasing, but given that I am revising and this is when I tend to put on weight -- this is good.
The most important (and unexpected) benefit has been in the increased energy. My mind feels sharper and less sluggish. So it is good thus far, but it takes six weeks to make a habit of exercise.

And my book is becoming so much better. Or at least I am far happier with it. I really did take a horrible wrong turning before. In some ways, it could have worked but I decided that I wanted to do other things and so the revisions are extensive. But fingers crossed the book is much stronger and will ultimately be a better read. The most important thing is to give the reader the best read possible.


Kate Hardy said...

I like the idea of a sharper mind being a benefit. Almost enough to tempt me out of being a slug. (You can talk me into it over ice cream on Thursday. Three sleeps to go. Yippee.)

Alice said...
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Alice said...

Just deleted my last post because of unchecked typos :)

From 2 days ago: "One of the simplest mantras is A HERO LEADS. A hero is proactive."

This got me wondering. Is this true of all the M&B lines? Thought I read somewhere that the h leads the action--could it have been for the Romance line, maybe?

Does the H lead all the time or should the h take a turn at being proactive. Or again does it depend on the line?