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Friday, September 05, 2008

5 September -- a fantastic day

Today An Impulsive Debutante is officially published. it is my 8th book for Harlequin Mills & Boon and it is a lovely coincidence that it should be today.

Until 18 years ago, I had never thought 5 September to be that special. It was just another day. Sometimes, school had started and it had a September beginning type feel about it. 20 years ago, I arrived in the UK to start a new life with my husband, but I dare say that I would have forgotten the date. It was one of those things -- the event was more important than the actual date. I do know that the sun was shining and Newcastle airport seemed very small indeed. I think there was one baggage claim at the time. And I do know that we walked through Jesmond Dene to go out to dinner. Little things but hazy.
However, on 5 September 1990, my eldest son was born. And forever after, this date is a reminder of the most important dates in my life.
I can close my eyes and see everything from that day. Clearly. Each moment seared on my brain.
And I can remember thinking, as I lay in bed recovering from the c-section that it would be an awfully long time before my son was 5, let alone an adult.
Only children grow and days slip past.
It is far shorter to a child's 18th than it was to your own. Do not ask me why but it is.
I am fiercely proud of him and all the things he has done and hopefully will do in his life. But it is his life to do what he will with it. And I am so grateful that he came into my life.
Hopefully everyone will have a wonderful day today.


Kate Hardy said...

Happy birthday to your eldest, Michelle. (And what a LOVELY post to read on a rainy September morning.)

And happy publication day, O Shelfmate :o) (I forgot it was today!)

carolwarham said...

Have a wonderful day

sue child said...

What a lovely post Michelle.

And happy 18th to your son :-)


Nell said...

It's my Dad's birthday today too. Happy release day!