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Current Release
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rowing update

In Britain there are two pronunciations of the word -- row. Row (pronounced roe) means to pull at oars. Row ( pronounced so it rhymes with ow) means to argue. An American friend who had a part in a British play once had people unintentionally in the aisles when he spoke his one line -- about having a row (roe) with his girlfriend. Two countries separated by a common language.

Anyway, the indoor rowing goes fine. My times for 500/meter splits are decreasing. I feel stronger, but I still come off the machine with legs and arms like jelly. My family are being very kind and say that I look thinner. I keep telling myself that the weight and the lack of fitness did not happen over night, so it will not disappear over night. The important thing is to keep at it.
I do find that my stress levels are decreasing and my energy levels are increasing. If I row in the evening, I find that I stumble to bed much earlier as I am completely exhausted.

My daughter has insisted though that we get swim suits next week so we are ready for Sorrento at the end of October....It is one thing braving the rowing machine. It is quite another braving the swim suit shop. All I want is a basic black suit that holds bits in.

The revisions will be done this week. I am not entirely happy with the ending at the moment. But I think once I have put the other tweaks on, then everything will come good. I know why the ending has to be the way it is. And I suspect that I might need an epilogue.


Donna Alward said...

Go to a store that specializes in bathing suits and let them help you find something flattering. I absolutely love mine with the skirt, but it's a straight skirt and not a ruffly one.

Sorrento. It's a good thing I like you or else I might be REALLY jealous.

Liz Fielding said...

Well done on the rowing, Michelle. Far more taxing than my wii I know from personal experience. I hated that rowing machine at the gym and certainly would never give one house room.

And I'm with Donna -- Sorrento sounds so much more appealing than work, right now!

Natasha Oakley said... might have what you are looking for, Michelle. AND no-one gets to see you try anything on. I like that!