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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

cover for A Question of Impropriety

My author's copies for A Question of Impropriety arrived today. I adore this cover. It has grace and movement. Plus the female model looks a bit like my former editor.

The blurb reads: Diana Clare has had enough of London – the balls, the rakes you can never trust… Now, having returned home in disgrace, she is trying to forget what drove her from the ton.
But rake and gambler Brett Farnham, Earl of Coltonby, seems intent on making Diana remember exactly what it was like to be whirled around the ballroom and seduced by the glint in your partner’s eye...
But Brett has ‘mistress’ rather than ‘marriage’ in mind, and Diana is not sure her reputation can stand up to another scandal…

And you can read the excerpt here.


Carrie Lofty said...

Gorgeous! Nice one. I'll post it on UH on Friday.

India said...

The cover really does capture the spirit of the book, described in the back blurb. And I'm glad to see that your winning streak with heroes is still ongoing! (Said without bitterness this time as I've finally lucked out in that department myself!!)

Looking forward to reading the book (deadline permitting... sigh...)

CherylStJohn said...

The blurb is intriguing! Grace and movement are the perfect decription for the lovely cover!