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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Monday, June 27, 2005

Too much editting

I have decided that I have started editting way too much on my current wip. It is one of those -- I woote so it must be dreck type edits. I have not even finished transferring my paper scribblings from Lewis. For goodness sakes, I wrote some of it about a month ago. Okay -- it has expanded a bit,but even still.
And my muse keeps wanting to leap frog ahead. What is the matter with me? Why don't I simply sit down and transfer this stuff?
After I finish transferring it, there is a really good scene. I have even written bits of it. Then I do know what is going to happen next. So why do I keep messing about with editing? Why the work adviodence.
Ah, yes. I look over my shoulder and there they are. My old firneds -- the crows of doubt.

Did I say how much I dislike the crows of doubts, with their shiny black wings and insistent voices? Their beaks ready to tear into my fragile work?

I suppose the only cure is to write.

In other news:
Over the weekend, we had another bee swarm. I took one super of honey off the large bee hive. It had to be done as the spare board was being used to help clear the super of bees. We got about 10 poundsworth of honey. I then recaptured the swarm. My dh was shouting instructions as he has managed to tear his Achilles tendon -- running, and so is now hobbling. The swarm was finally unceremonously plunked down in the weakest colony. I was stung for my pains. Roght on my thigh. Not pleasurable. But the bess appear to have settled in now.


Kate Hardy said...

Michelle, please tell more about the bees! What's a super? How do you guide a swarm?

Michelle said...

How frightening! I can't imagine harvesting honey.

Good luck with the new pages!