Current Release

Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Monday, June 06, 2005


I am back from Scotland and will blog about my trip later as I am sure someone wants to live vicariously. But I want to put photos with it and my camera started acting up...Advice to self -- never let husband carry said camera when he starts off for a short hike with the boys...Lewis is another world.

I came back to No News. Nothing. No letters or emails about my mss with publishers or agents. Massive relief as it means everything is still there and still has a chance.

However, I did find out that The Lady Soldier had sold 254 copies on pre-orders. That means it has already made its advance back and at some point I will get a royalty check. Also the cover appears on the Historical Novelist Society site. So I am very pleased and proud it is all going well with The Lady Soldier.

Now I have to sign up for Public Lending Right. You can not submit the forms until after publication.


Kate Hardy said...

Welcome back! And well done on the sales news.

Remember to register for ALCS as well (are you a member of the society of authors?)

Nikki Cole said...

Welcome back! Never been to Scotland so would love to hear about your holiday and see some photos.

Congratultions on all those TLS sales! May there be many more.