Thursday, June 30, 2005


My contract for the gladiator novel arrived in the post this morning. It looked very striaght forward. It is a long document but if you know anything about contracts, you simply follow the bouncing ball. Besides with Harlequin Mils and Boon, it is very much a take it or leave it contract.

The funny part was that I had to deliver a copy of the manuscript on floppy or paper on or before 15 June 2005. As the date has already passed, I assume I fulfilled the requirement!!

They have an option on my next work of a similair nature and /or my next work with major characters from this one. Not a problem. They will have 90 days to decide on what they want to do with the next one, so much less time than it took them to decide on GH. This is good!

In the appendix there were bits about line edits for North America. Fingers crossed that this means it will be published in North America and it is not simply a standard clause.

In any case, it is a wonderful feeling to be a contracted M&B author.

As for publication, there was simply the standard wording of within thirty six months, so I expect I will find out in due course.

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