Current Release

Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


This morning was an admin morning. The bookplates arrived from Kate A, so I stuck them down and now the books won in the Romance Junkies contest are waiting to be posted, along with the NWS report I did, the art from for my editor and the bookplates other people requested. My canvas satchel is almost overflowing.

So nothing thus far this morning has been accomplish on my wip. Argh!!! Still I have had good thoughts about the wip and that is a positive.

Given the distractions one gets as a published author, I think it is imperative that one develops good work habits as an unpubbed. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of waiting to hear from an editor is that you tend to goof off -- find excuses to check email or e-loops. Over the past year, I have fallen into bad ways. Thus my system is getting a short sharp shock. If I wan to accomplish all the writing that I need to this year -- there is only one thing I can do -- write! It is that simple.

The heat has cooled a bit and we have had some rain. But hopefully we will get some sort of summer.

The JDP is sitting on the lawn. JDP is now the name for the ducklings aka Junior Duck Patrol. I have decided that ducks are creatures of habit. The first night, they were put in the duck house after being allowed out, 3 ducklings went to the right instead of going straight in. Now thosethree always go the same way.


Kate Hardy said...

Trust me - you slip into bad habits as a pubbed writer as well. They're pretty much the same. Checking email. Bloghopping. Spending ages on the tiniest piece of research because you suddenly come across an interesting link, which leads to another... and then your deadline starts whispering. It's a good idea though to develop good admin habits (especially when it comes to accounts).

Michelle Styles said...

And This afternoon I did more admin -- registering for PLR. The deadline is 30 June. So while doubting I will get anything for the month of June 2005, one never knows. And at least I have completed and posted the forms.
The lady at the PO was surprised at the sheer number of parcels I posted.
But now the decks are clear and I can concentrate on my latest wip...

Kate Hardy said...

Have you registered for ALCS as well? (It's basically PLR in Germany/Holland, as well as photocopying rights - not a huge amount but it does add up over the years. If you're a member of the Society of Authors it's free.)

Michelle Styles said...

I must make sure I do this, as the SOA do not seem to have sent me the forms.

The SOA has a lot of good benefits -- chief among them -- free membership of the ACLS.