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Current Release
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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Help I have been tagged by Kate Hardy and therefore get to play the meme game.

I deleted the first name and put my name at the bottom.

1. Kat (The SoapBox)
2. Lynn Daniels
3. Danica
4. Kate Hardy
5. Michelle Styles

I now have to chose four unsuspecting souls to tag:

1.Nell Dixon
2. Anna Lucia
3. Biddy
4. Nikki Cole

5 things I remember from my childhood

1. drying apricots from our apricot trees -- first picking them, then cutting them in half and laying them on trays at the drying place. Then when they were ready collecting them, washing the sulphur off and eating them.Far sweeter than anything I could get in the shops.

2. reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

3. going up to San Francisco and riding the cable cars

4. going to Half Moon Bay to the beach and freezing my feet in the waves

5. going to the drive in movies and having blankets etc in the back and the sound being dreadful.


Nell Dixon said...

Thanks Michelle :) I think!

Gina Black said...

So if you were going up to SF and to Half Moon bay...where were you?

...who started in Berkley, moved to Walnut Creek, then to Big Sur, then to Palo Alto, and then to the badlands of SoCal...

(I came from Julie C's blog, BTW--huge contrats on your sale!!!)

Michelle Styles said...

Gina --

I was born and raised in Mountain View, CA, went to college (university) in Minnesota, came back and then left for the UK when I got married in 1988.

Gina Black said...

From Mountain View to England, then. That was my dream, but I ended up marrying a nice California man and staying here.

I have always been an anglophile though.